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>>>19 years to promote industry boom,industry event set sail brand-newly

Since fist held from year 2002,China International Door Industry Exhibition(CIDE) has greatly promoted the communication and trade cooperation of China door industry,is the real promoter and witness of the prosperity of door industry market,and has been acclaimed as the “wind vane and booster of door industry development”.CIDE is now became the first exhibition platform for foreign and domestic door,window and related enterprises to trade goods,build market channel,expand horizon,share thoughts,make progress together and continue to innovate.

CIDE2020the 19th China International Door Industry Exhibition will be fully upgraded.Through strategic adjustment to more accurate exhibition area position,fully playing a role of the first professional exhibition platform in china door industry by guiding visitors,improving exhibitors’ display results,promoting enterprises’ brands,showing products and technologies,setting up industry mainstream value and so on, diverse,effective,innovative,open china international door industry exhibition will set sail brand-newly and boost exhibitor’s development to push forward the whole industry’s common prosperity.


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>> 合众之力,打造展览行业旗航——中国建材、家居、暖通领域混合所有制展览公司4月20日在京成立
Layout of Exhibition Halls  


China National Forest Products  Industry Association

China Timber&Timber Products  Circulation Association

China Door Industry Club

China WSJ United International Co.,Ltd.


Beijing Zhongzhuang Weijia Strategy  For Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Beijing WSJ United Strategy  For Exhibition Co.,Ltd.


The Integrity Union of China  Wooden Door Industry

The Integrity Union of China  Aluminum Door(Window) Industry


·Beijing TATA Tongchuang Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd.

·Shanghai Xinde Printing Co., Ltd.

·Shandong Xindi Home Decoration Co., Ltd.

·Shenzhen Mascotcn Technology Co., Ltd.

·Shenyang  Fannuoshi Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

·Shandong Huaaosi New Building Material Co.,Ltd.

·3D Home Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Jindi Door Co.,Ltd.

·Shijiazhuang Puming Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

·Beijign Holzer Door Co.,Ltd.

·Xinbaite Wood Door  

·Zhejiang Baijia Wanan Door Co.,Ltd.

·Dalian Jinqiao Wood Co.,Ltd.

·Shenyang Huaze Sanfeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

·Chongqing Haomai Furniture Co.,Ltd.

·Guangzhou Zhouxin Rubber&Plastic Product Co.,Ltd.

·Chongqing Ming Feng Furniture Co., Ltd.

·Beijing Jiakuo Door Co.,Ltd.

·Shenyang Haikuo Wood Co.,Ltd.

·Hebei Huayi Door Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Lemai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

·Chongqing Shuangchi Doors and Windows Co., Ltd.

·Beijing Mikailang Metal Product Co.,Ltd.

·Chongqing Tianda Door Industry Co., Ltd.

·Zhejiang Kyoung Wood Co.,Ltd.

·Hebei Jianan Door&Window Co.,Ltd.

·Chongqing Yuxin Door Co.,Ltd.



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